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Code of Conduct

The Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited (Supervision) Code of Conduct is a set of rules, regulations and guidelines that the all Independent Business Associates (IBAs) of Supervision shall abide. The rules and regulations along with the guidelines detailed in the Code of Conduct by the Company shall bind all IBAs of Supervision. This Code of Conduct provides, complaint redress mechanism, procedures to be followed by all IBAs during the sale of Company products and business promotion of the Supervision, Do’s & Don’ts for IBAs and about disciplinary action against wrongdoers.


Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited is a Company incorporated under Companies Act 1956, having its registered office at Level 2, Oval Building, i Labs Centre, Madhapur , Hyderabad - 500081 India. , India. Its wide range of products which are useful in the fields of Health, Lifestyle, FMCG products and IT Education under the brand name ‘Supervision’ for individuals, small and medium enterprises and small-home offices.

Supervision set up specific norms to be followed by all the IBAs for doing Supervision business. If any IBA found violating the Code of Conduct of the Supervision he / she / it will be punished as per the procedure laid down by the Company and if any procedure not mentioned in written on any nature of issue, the Company decision is final on such issues.


  • The objective of Company, Code of Conduct shall be to foster a spirit of cooperation and discipline among the IBAs of Supervision.
  • To organize and to unite all IBAs of Supervision and to regulate their relation with the Company and prospective IBAs.
  • An ISO- 9001:2008 certified company.{Certificate No.-PCMS/QMS/1780-2014
  • To secure fair trade practice and professionalism by the IBAs.
  • To address the grievances of customers and IBAs of Supervision.
  • To prevent false promises, miss-commitments, false assurances and unlawful activities.
  • To maintain professionalism, decency, dignity and discipline during the course of business activities.
  • To provide effective and proper communication.
  • To create awareness about the Do's & Don’ts.


Company means ‘Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited.'

Supervision Business means the business as an Independent Business Associate (IBA) with Supervision Company Products.

Supervision Company Products means all products of Health, Lifestyle, FMCG, Educational Books and etc. sold by the Company including literature and other business support materials, made available by the Company to IBAs.

Supervision Sales and Marketing Plan means the Super Miles Program on products, guidelines, requirements, systems, procedures and policies regarding the presentation of Supervision products, the Supervision business as amended from time to time.

Independent Business Associate (IBA) (in short called as an “associate” or “business associate”) is a Company authorized person on submission of application either an individual or group of individuals or a valid legal entity, as per the law of the land, who is interested to purchase the Supervision products and/or promote the business of the Company. The person or entity who register by submitting filled-in and signed IBA application form, which is free of cost, is eligible to become an Independent Business Associate subject to terms and conditions.

IBAs are independent business persons/entity operating on their own responsibility and have no employment, no guaranteed financial commitments, no master and servant relation or similar relationship with Supervision or any of its affiliated companies.

User / Preferred Customer is a person, who purchases Supervision products exclusively for their own use purpose and they have no interest in the Sales and Marketing plan. They are not eligible to earn any Super Miles in order to gain commissions or any other benefit.

Inactive and Active An IBA who is not participating in Supervision Business promotion activities for 30 consecutive days and /or not made a sales activity of at least 50 miles on his/her/their own in one English calendar month will be treated as Inactive IBA. Those who will not fall under the inactive IBA category will be treated as an active IBA.

Business Year is a financial year which begins from April 1st and ends with March 31st of the following calendar year.

Referrer / Sponsor is a Supervision IBA, who introduces or refers a new IBA to the Supervision Business in his/her team.

Cross Referring / Sponsoring means that an IBA sponsoring / referring an existing or prospective customer or IBA belonging to or swayed by another IBA team to his/her team.

Cross-line IBA-ship means an existing IBA again becoming an IBA in another IBA’s group.

Market means the territory of India and will expand subject to the Company’s decision.

The Code of Conduct guidelines for IBAs for the purpose of business activities, complaint and grievance redress mechanism, duties and responsibilities of the IBA and about disciplinary action which are subject to change or modification as deemed fit by the Company from time to time as per law time being in force and to safeguard the interest of consumers and IBAs.

Eligibility / Qualifications

  • Shall be a citizen of India.
  • Shall be a major as per the statutory provisions governing in India.
  • Shall not be an unsound mind or mentally retarded.
  • Should not be sentenced by any competent court for grave offences.
  • Shall be legally entitled to do business in the country as per the Law time being in force.

Registration of IBA-ship


The prescribed format placed on the Company website, along with Code of Conduct and user agreement. Every prospective IBA shall fill up and submit the online registration form which is free of cost by furnishing the details as required by accepting the terms and conditions mentioned therein.


Every prospective IBA shall get registered by necessarily filling up the physical IBA application form (duly signed) by accepting the terms and conditions provided in the IBA application form, code of conduct and online agreement.

Accepting or Rejecting of Application

It is a privilege of the Company either to accept or reject the application submitted by an applicant. If the application is not filled in completely or the details furnished by the applicant are not true in nature or not interested to accept the same keeping view of business interest, the Company is at liberty to reject the application without assigning any reason.

Date of Authorization

An application shall be considered as accepted, when an IBA receives the confirmation of his / her registration via e-mail or his IBA ID got activated


IBA-ship Renewal is also on free of cost and will be made on request, subject to submission of a renewal form. If no request is made, Supervision IBA -ship will be lapsed automatically on completion of one year. It is a prerogative right of the Company to accept or reject the renewal application.

Refusal of Renewal

The Supervision reserves the right to refuse any renewal request and can revoke any IBAs renewal, if in its opinion the IBAs activities have not been in accordance with the interests of Supervision or if the IBA did not comply with any one of the Supervision Code of Conduct terms or any other condition of the agreed agreement, within preceding 12 months period for which renewal was sought.

Transfer of IBA-ship

No IBA-ship will be transferred to another person once it is suspended or terminated. IBA-ship is non-transferable except in case of succession. Subject to participation in sales and business development activities, commissions will be paid to successor otherwise successor is not entitled to claim commission.

Corporate as an Independent Business Associate

Any corporation whether it is a proprietary concern or partnership concern or Limited or private limited Company registered as per the law of the land can become an IBA of Supervision subject to the norms as required under statutory provisions. In case of a partnership firm, a copy of the partnership deed along with the resolution of the firm is required. In case of a Company, to become an IBA, it requires related documents, duly attested by the Managing Director/Director of the said Company supported by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Change of authorized signatory on behalf of the firm or Company can be made on proper representation: no third party transfer will be allowed.


All the Independent Business Associates must have certain commitments under the Code of Conduct. The IBA:-

Shall not make any false assurances or promises such as saying that it is easy money and/or quick money, guaranteed monthly income or job assurance etc.

Shall inform the prospective IBA that income is directly proportionate to efforts of selling products. IBA is not entitled to commission for referring other IBAs into Company business and will get commission only on sale of products or services of Company.

Shall not show an exaggerated income figure and about the product usage.

Shall provide the customer and prospective IBAs true information about the products price, quality, standards, contents, style or model.

Shall not sell the goods or services in a fraudulent or inducement manner or under pressure selling or promote products or services that do not belong to Supervision.

Shall not make exaggerated income representations in order to promote Supervision products or services and shall not induce to lure the prospective customer and IBAs.

Shall not induce prospective IBAs to purchase goods / services promising them, he/she can reduce or recover the purchase price by referring more prospects for similar purchase.

Shall not indulge in any illegal activities or adapt unlawful trade practices.

Shall promote Company nutritional products, food / dietary supplements as only nutritional and food / dietary supplements only. IBA shall not represent that Company nutritional products and food / dietary supplements are drugs, made for diagnose, prevent disease, cure or treatment for any nature of illness or disease.

Shall not refer to any testimonial which is not authorized / true, obsolete / no longer applicable in any manner, which may mislead the prospect.

Shall not campaign as an employee of the Company and shall not express or imply that the relations of the IBA with the Company is either master and servant or employee and employer.

Shall not do the business of other companies having similar nature of business like Supervision, with or without using business platform of Supervision during subsistence of the IBA-ship.

Shall not collect cash from any of the prospective IBA / Customer for buying Supervision Company products either part or full cost of the products or for any other purpose in the name of the Company. For any business transaction, IBA shall collect the Demand Draft (DD) only in the name of Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited.’

Shall not promote JLN-CATT educational programs to those who are not eligible to enroll i.e. he/she must have attended minimum 10th class Examination.

Shall not promote educational programs to the customers, if the JLN-CATT education centre is not available in their city/town or is not within 20 kms from the prospective IBA/student residence area.

Shall not offer a job guarantee after completion of any educational program.


An IBA shall conduct business in a courteous and cordial manner and shall not exercise pressure selling methods or compelling methods.

An IBA shall introduce him/her self as an Independent Business Associate of the Company and shall inform his/her details like name, address, contact number to the invitees before business promotional activity for every time and shall carry Identity Card issued by competent authority.

An IBA shall always make a fair and detailed presentation about Supervision products, by providing demonstrations with demo products and also explain the specified use only of the product.

The prospective customer must feel comfortable and / or shall not feel inconvenient, when demonstration is organized by the IBAs.

IBA Shall not give an impression to the prospective purchaser that purchase of Supervision goods is an opportunity to get employment at Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited or its group companies or elsewhere.

IBA shall explain the Code of Conduct, online agreement and registration form terms & conditions to the prospective IBAs and make them understand about the concept of the Business Model of Supervision.

An IBA shall not use literature other than that approved by the Company for promoting Supervision products, if he chooses to use self created literature to promote and sell Company’s products, he must get prior permission in writing from the Company

Presentation of Supervision

Sales & Marketing Plan

When inviting a prospect to hear the presentation of the products of Supervision or/and Sales and Marketing Plan, a Supervision IBA shall not use the following invitation methods directly or indirectly or induce other IBAs to do so.

  • Imply that it related to an employment opportunity.
  • Imply that the invitation is to a social event.
  • Disguise the invitation as a ‘market survey’.
  • Promote the event as a ‘tax seminar’..
  • Without informing the Company name and details.
  • Stating that it is the best opportunity without efforts/ strain and get quick rich scheme.
  • Any other misleading reason to invite.

XVI:- First Contact with Prospective Customers and IBAs

1. At the first contact with prospective customers and IBAs, an IBA should:

a. Introduce him/her self by name and details.

b. He/She should make him/her self known in suitable fashion as a Supervision IBA and should provide information concerning his/her name, address and contact number as well as detailed information of the Company.

c. Explain to the prospective IBAs about the Supervision Business as in accordance with the Supervision Code of Conduct, Online Agreement and Registration Form terms & conditions.

2. The inviting IBA must comply with the following guidelines:

a. Must use only Supervision authorized literature.

b. IBA shall not produce, sell and / or distribute any business promotion material/literature which are deceptively similar to literature or material published and distributed by Supervision to its IBAs or which could create the impression to an ordinary prudent man in society that such literature or material belongs to Supervision or that its publication or distribution is authorized by Supervision.

c. Shall not say that Supervision business IBA-ship is a “get-rich-quick” or easy money opportunity in which it is easy to achieve success with little or no expenditure of effort or time.

d. Shall not present the Supervision business plan or solicit participation in the plan through mass mailings, telemarketing, national advertising, computer communications or any other means by which person-to-person contact with the prospective IBAs is not present. The effective communication is permitted subject to approval of such media communication from the Company.

Obligations are Not Allowed

No IBA shall represent that there is any obligation for him/her to purchase the product and/or services under Supervision sales and marketing plan or be made to believe that by the said purchase they will get earnings easily. If the Company receives any reasonable or credible information that any sale has been made out on the obligations or false representations, the IBA-ship of such an IBA will be terminated immediately without any notice.

XIV:- Signboard

An IBA of Supervision has to seek written approval from the Company for using Supervision's Signboard display in his/her/their personal office premises irrespective of whether it is visible to the public or not. For seeking approval, the IBA should send a detailed description of the signboard, size and location of the signboard. The Company reserves the right to withdraw permission to display Supervision's name, if the standards stated are not met.

XV:- Sign on Vehicle

An IBA may use the Supervision trade name, trademark, logotype, design or symbol on any vehicle only with prior written consent from the Company. Only those stickers that are officially launched by the Company are permitted.


No IBA is permitted to list his or her personal telephones in the name of the Company.

XVII:- Fund-Raising Events

Supervision products and services are not authorized to be used in conjunction with any type of fundraising activity. Fund-raising includes the solicitations for the purchase of Supervision products or services based on the representation that all or a portion of the gains, proceeds or profits generated by such will benefit a particular group, organization, or cause. Any program, activity or promotional event organized by Supervision should not be utilized for any other personal promotion or personal financial benefit.

XVIII:- Accounts with the Banks

No IBA is permitted to open any account with the banks in the name of Supervision Multi Product And Services Private Limited or SVPS Ltd., or issue cheques by name of the Company or use any logos, which express or imply the involvement of the Company. Violation of the same will be resulted in punitive action.

XIX:- Statutory compliance with local Laws & Tax liability

IBA shall comply with all local, national, state laws, rules and regulations to do his/her business as an IBA to sell or promote Company products or services in the market. The Company is not responsible for any nature of liability for acts and deeds of IBA either as an individual or as an IBA.

IBA shall be sole responsible person/entity to pay all applicable taxes either on sale of Company products /service made by him/her/it or on income derived from said sales or business promotion. IBA who referred another IBA shall be responsible for the acts and deeds of the said referred IBA as an indemnifier to the Company.

Enforcement of Supervision Code of Conduct

Violation of the Supervision Code of Conduct will be taken as extremely serious, not only because of the effect it may have on the business of any individual IBA but also because of its effect on the public at large and on the image of the Company. Therefore, it is essential on the part of every IBA to comply with the terms and conditions envisaged in the Code of Conduct, online agreement, IBA registration/application form terms and conditions and if any other agreed, amended terms and conditions, in order to safeguard the interest and reputation of Supervision.

If any IBA violates the Code of Conduct or any other agreed terms, disciplinary action will be initiated against him / her either by terminating or suspending or penalizing or seeking action through legal recourse.

If any IBA declared as an inactive, such IBA shall not be entitled to any commissions on his/her personal or group sales.

XXI:- Complaint Procedure

When the complaint is received against any of the IBAs, immediately the said complaint will be scrutinized. If prima facie the information furnished/received appears to be true, the IBA will be placed under suspension with immediate effect and notice will be issued later. Even if no complaint is received by any third party, if Company received any information about breach of code of conduct by any IBA, the Company is at liberty to take disciplinary action on suo moto.

XXII:- Suspension

1:- During the suspension period the IBA will not be entitled for any commissions on the business transmitted by him/her or his/her group IBAs And shall not be entitled for attending Company organized meeting and Company sponsored foreign and domestic trips.

2:- The Independent Business Associate against whom allegations are leveled will be served with a show cause notice by giving reasonable time for explanation. On receipt of such notice if no explanation is submitted to the Company within the specified time, it is deemed that the IBA is guilty of the charges alleged, otherwise explanation shall be placed before the legal department along with the evidence, if any. If the explanation satisfies the Company, suspension: will be raised otherwise the Company is at liberty to conduct an enquiry by it’s legal department on the complaint, if allegations are proved, the Company will impose suitable punishment which may result in termination of IBA- ship and also can take legal steps in the court of law.

XXIII:- Termination by the Company

Termination of the IBAs authorization to operate as a Supervision IBA means termination of all rights derived from the said authorization and in conjunction therewith, the right to receive any further income from or generated by such business accruing after the date of termination.
On termination, Supervision will buy back any unsold but saleable products, including promotional material and credit the IBA’s actual purchase price after deducting the handling charges up to 15% and deducting any other benefits received by the IBA, based on the purchase of the goods returned.

XXV:-Product Exchange and Refund Policy:

In case IBA or customer find the purchased products defective or not entirely to their satisfaction, IBA/ customer can exchange the products within 180 days from the date of purchase of the products or the IBA/ customer can claim refund of the product cost within 07 days from the date of purchase by returning the products purchased in saleable condition along with original invoice subject to deduction of handling charges. IBA’s shall provide the same information/ option of Product Exchange and Refund Policy to their customers.

Senior IBA shall indemnify the Company in such cases of failure to observe the refund policy. In case of any complaint about products or services by any of the customers/IBAs, the concerned senior IBAs shall inform the Company about the complaint in detail. If the customer/IBA requests either for product exchange or for refund the Senior IBA shall offer the customer/IBA for refund of money subject to deduction of handling charges or can offer for exchange with alternative available products. In case if it is in specified time, subject to terms and conditions.


If the IBA intends to question the decision of the Company, he/ she may raise any dispute on such decision under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts in New Delhi irrespective of having concurrent or similar jurisdiction by any other courts in India or abroad.


1. Becoming an IBA of Supervision is free of cost and you are paying to buy Company products and it is not an INVESTMENT Company.

2. You must pay through DEMAND DRAFT only and mention your name and IBA ID on the back side of the DD and keep a copy of the same.

3. JLN-CATT Educational Programs will be available only at FIXED PREDEFINED Centres only.

4. You must not promote JLN-CATT educational programs to the students, if the JLN-CATT center is not available in their residence location or is not within 20 kms from their residence location.

5:- You must not offer a job guarantee after completion of any JLN-CATT Educational Program and must educate the students that the employment after the programs entirely depends on their individual efforts.

6:- Doing the business is only optional and not mandatory. Do not believe on any guarantee or projections of gross or net earnings, as every IBA's earning depends solely on his/her individual efforts on selling the products or services, which varies from person to person.

7:- Supervision IBA-ship is NOT A JOB/GET RICH QUICK SCHEME and does not guarantee any fixed monthly salary/income